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Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet
Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet

Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine

Take your sexual fantasies to the next level with the Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine, our top selling sex machine. The Willie Wanka PRO Mk II is a premium high quality penetration and male masturbation fucking machine.
Extended Warranty

RRP: £599.00
Our Price: £220.00

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Unlike many sex machines that are currently available, the Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine has an exceptionally long 8" adjustable stroke length, along with hi-torque and thrust power, which is ideal for anal sex as well as being powerful enough to attach very large dildos and attachments without wearing down the motor or components. The Willie Wanka PRO can be easily stored away in a closet by simply disassembling the two legs so the unit can be stored almost completely flat.

You can also turn your Willie Wanka PRO Mk II into a male masturbation machine by adding an optional Fleshlight Holder and Fleshlight.


•  Carnal Queen Review - The Willie Wanka PRO Mk II has been independently reviewed and tested by Carnal Queen, Please
click here to read the review.


Willie Wanka Mk II Fantasy Machine Video 1
Willie Wanka Mk II Fantasy Machine Video 2
Willie Wanka Mk II Fantasy Machine Video 3

Differences between the Willie Wanka Mk II Fantasy Machine and the Wllie Wanka Mk II PRO Fantasy Machine:-

• The Willie Wanka Mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has a greater torque.
• The Willie Wanka Mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has a slightly faster stroke speed.
• The Willie Wanka Mk II PRO Fantasy Machine is quieter when operated at full speed.
• The Willie Wanka Mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has slightly better stability due to solid steel legs.


• 1 year UK and Worldwide warranty
• 72 watt 24V industrial motor
• Stroke length can be adjusted using a spanner (from 1" to 8")
• Stroke speed: 0-200 rpm (infinite settings)
• Torque:  40 in-lbs
• Horse power:  1/12th
• 16" Shaft rod (can be extended using optional extension rod(s)
• Power pack can be disconnected and be stored separately
• Speed controller can be disconnected and be stored separately
• Height 49cm, Length 75cm, Width 30cm
• Weight: 12.8kg net, 15.1kg gross
• 45 degree angle adjustability
• High grade MIG welded tensile steel structure
• Power: 220-240V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• Power: 100-110V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• UK power cord and plug (international orders will receive a suitable plug)
• Colour:  Gloss black
• CE certified - ROHS compliant - Designed in UK - Made in China


• Willie Wanka PRO Mk II Fantasy Machine
• Power pack and power lead
• Speed controller with new and improved super slow start
• 2 x T-Legs
• Spanner
• Alan key
• Deluxe Vac-U-Lock dildo adaptor
• Bottle of lubrication machine oil
• Instruction Booklet

Recommended Optional Extras:-

Fleshlight Holder v2 (CNC Bit required)
7" Extension Shaft Rod
14" Extension Shaft Rod
Gripit Hands Free Wand Holder  (CNC Bit required)
Vac-U-Lock Dildo Doubler (CNC Bit required)
Universal Dildo Holder (CNC Bit required)
Suction Cup Dildo Holder (CNC Bit required)
(8M/16M) CNC Bit


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Love doctor from Us   5 Stars
Bought this for the wife for valentines day. And oh boy does this thing pack a punch. She cant even make it to halfway on the speed dial. We have almost every Doc Johnson Vac u lock dildo so we are having alot of fun. Thanks for the super fast and accurate delivery...

Reviewer: Mark from Switzerland   5 Stars
I tried cheap machines but they never reach this highclass product. The adjust of the stroke depth is perfect, the machine does not make noise even on high speed. I bought it with a fleshlight and at the first try i was speechless! Never bought a perfect toy like this, absolutely amazing! Thank you

Reviewer: T. from Germany – Bavaria   5 Stars
Thanks to all the given information, the credibility the shop/platform, the customer testimonies and the test-reviews from Joanne Summers and others I have now decided to give this machine a try and ordered one. Looking forward to surprising my beloved, nice, sweet, moderate submissive wife. By listening to her “between the lines” for years I know that she is somehow secretly dreaming about being “forced” and “violated” by such a mechanic sex device. Blindfolded, helplessly strapped, feeling something sliding into her heat without knowing what it is; at least in the beginning. As of yet "5 Stars* We will keep you updated regarding our experiences. Have a nice day!

Reviewer: James from Ireland   5 Stars
Got this machine to day from the lovely people at sex machines uk . The customer service was super 5 stars first class . Deliver next day !!!! Awesome fast with shipping 5 star plus on that . Machine review. Male The Willie wonka pro . So easy to put together up and running in mins 5 star. The look and size of the machine is by far better than the picture it's small easy to move around and as for me I use it in bed and was really happy that it didn't take up much of my bed at all super king bed . In use truly awesome first click of switch and it kicks in smooth slow easy speed and with the extra torque in this machine is better suited for anal play this is my second fuck machine and is miles ahead of my old machine blue balls . Their is only one bad point on this machine the depth adjustments got to undo a nut and bolt with spanner and is easy to drop and loss this nut . The speed and noise is very good a strong fast motor and nice and quiet!!!!5star . Before I bought this machine I did a lot of reading up on every machine on market and by far this ticks a lot of the box's for me sorry that I can't do a video review of this machine to show a better than what is on offer video I could really show how good this Willie wonka pro is . If your looking a good value for money machine for anal play this is a great start . Hope this helps for guys trying to find a good play machine that can do the job and not brake . Thank you sex machines uk for your time and help As my old machine broke down they give me a discount on this great machine . Now I just got to buy some new toys from them for endless nights of fun ;)

Reviewer: Tracey from Ireland   5 Stars
Someone else wrote who needs a woman...dear lord allah or whoever, this is just amazing. I prefer anal and this just keeps pounding and pounding til i cant take anymore. Delivery etc was all perfect but its the final delivery that counts and this will not let for some more attachments :-) wooòowwwwww tracey x

Reviewer: Donna from Brighton   5 Stars

Reviewer: steve from northampton   5 Stars
Fucking unbelievable machine! heavy metal, no plastic, great quality, quick delivery, cant wait to order something else!!!!!

Reviewer: Neil from Hastings   5 Stars
I bought a sex machine a few years ago and i have used that one so much that its broken, i decided to spend a bit more money and go for the pro model..., i'm so happy with it, its amazing! quick delivery and discreet wrapping too!

Reviewer: Neal from Thetford   5 Stars
customer service, think her name is tina, anyway she said i could have the pro version although i only intended to get the basic version but as i had been a repeat customer one of the bosses said it was alright. not that often that you get a good deal out of these places but this was magic.

Reviewer: m long from Wigmore   5 Stars
the vid doesnt do this machine justice!. it is really smooth and slow when you turn it on and powerful and fast when its flat out. great fucking machine for the price. i take mine to parties and it gets lots of use glad i got the extended warranty haha!

Reviewer: MCDONALD from BATH   4 Stars
no cheap plastic sex machine here this machine has balls and is built to last! wife bloody loves it and i can watch tennis uninterrupted!

Reviewer: clarkey from telford   5 Stars
fleshlight and willy wanker :D love it - who needs a woman lol

Reviewer: Grieg Hunter from Suffolk   4 Stars
great fucking machine man. you upgraded me to the pro version which was a bonus! never know what to say when you give feedback just wanted to say thanks for quick delivery and nothing embarrassing on my bank statement like you promised. will be buying some more dildos soon so will give you guys a bell!