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Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine
Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine

Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine

Extended Warranty

RRP: £499.00
Our Price: £175.00



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Take your sexual fantasies to the next level with the long awaited Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine.

The Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine is a premium, high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine.

Unlike many sex machines that are currently available the Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine has an exceptionally long 8" adjustable stroke length, hi-torque & thrust power, which is ideal for anal sex as well as being powerful enough to attach very large dildos and attachments without wearing down the motor & components.

Can be easily stored away in the closet simply disassemble the two legs and unit can almost store completely flat.

Turn your Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine into a male masturbation machine buy purchasing the optional Fleshlight® holder & Fleshlight®.

Differences between the mk II Fantasy Machine & mk II PRO Fantasy Machine:

• The Willie Wanka™ mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has a higher price point.
• The Willie Wanka™ mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has better stability due to solid steel legs.
• The Willie Wanka™ mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has a greater torque.
• The Willie Wanka™ mk II PRO Fantasy Machine has a slightly faster stroke speed.
• The Willie Wanka™ mk II PRO Fantasy Machine is quieter on full speed.


• Willie Wanka™ mk II Fantasy Machine
• Power pack & power lead
• Speed controller (NEW & IMPROVED SUPER SLOW START)
• 2x T-Legs
• 1x Spanner
• 1x Alan key
• Deluxe Vac-U-Lock® adaptor
• Bottle of lubrication machine oil
• Instruction Booklet

Optional Products:

• Fleshlight® *holder (*CNC bit required)
• Fleshlight® *holder & Fleshlight® (*CNC bit required)
• Vac-U-Lock® dildos
• Gripit Wand Massager Holder
• 7" Extension shaft rod
• 14" Extension shaft rod
• *Dildo doubler (*CNC bit required)
• *Universal dildo holder (*CNC bit required)
• *Deluxe suction cup dildo holder (*CNC bit required)

• 1 year UK & Worldwide warranty
• 72 watt 24V industrial motor
• Stroke length can be adjusted using a spanner (1" to 8")
• Stroke speed: 0-200 rpm (infinite settings)
• Torque:  40 in-lbs
• Horse Power: 1/12th
• 16" Shaft rod (can be extended using optional extension rod(s)
• Power pack can disconnect & be stored separately
• Speed controller can disconnect & be stored separately
• Height 49cm, Length 75cm, Width 30cm
• Weight: 12.8kg net, 15.1kg gross
• 45 degree angle adjustability
• High grade MIG welded tensile steel structure
• Power: 220-240V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• Power: 100-110V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• UK power cord & plug (international orders will receive suitable plug)
• Colour:  Gloss black
• CE certified
• ROHS compliant
• Designed in UK
• Made in China

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Hungry ass from Cumbria   5 Stars
The machine arrived less than 24 hours after ordering, delivered to my porch. I couldn't wait to put it together, which was really easy to do to. There are many positions to choose from which will boggle your mind and aspirations. It is nice and heavy and sturdy and stands up well for itself. As for my ass, there was no competition. It fucked and it fucked and it fucked. I must have tried 10 positions. On my back, on my knees, on the couch, reverse cowgirl was awesome. Three hours later I tried to get up and my knees buckled. Well worth it😉

Reviewer: Chris from Cheshire   5 Stars
I think it's brilliant!! I have never had anal orgasms before wow! It took me to a place I have never been before...I have never taken it over half way speed yet as I was gone at half speed..The range of penetration is fantastic so fits all your length of toys without slipping out.Its the best thing I have ever bought for my own pleasure..

Reviewer: Sir_Wanks_A_Lot from Belfast   5 Stars
Listen to me, never have I ever experienced torque like this before. 1/12 horse power?!?!?! Need I say more. Bought this for my CENSORSED. We were originally considering the mark I but after reading the rave reviews of the mark II her mind was made up. Needless to say she loved the final product and with some of her leftover birthday money she will be investing in some attatchments. Excellent product.

Reviewer: Roby from Italy   5 Stars
Excellent sexmachines, I would like to take a pro model but unfortunately my opel car abandoned me with a damage of 5600 euros, but I am still satisfied, do what it takes, the only flaw is that the support legs are a bit low.

Reviewer: andrea from Norwich   4 Stars
when you get this bad boy out of the box you know its a good machine. it felt really weighty and not flimsy at all. i felt confident that it was well built like the legs are very heavy and when you use it the machine is just glued to the spot which is important when your using it

Reviewer: peter from Cardiff   4 Stars
well wrapped up in the post which was a relief as i was paranoid the neighbours might see what i had coming. didnt take long to put together and it worked really well. not much to say except it ticked all my boxes especially for the price would defo order from you guys again thanks

Reviewer: Diana from Oxford   5 Stars
I purchased the willy wanka sex machine and you upgraded me to the pro version which was really kind of you as i wanted it but couldnt afford it at the time. the machine itself arrived next day as you said it would and it was really impressive all round. rare that i dont find a reason to complain lol but seriously nothing but praise here.

Reviewer: Javid R Patel from Ealing, London, UK   5 Stars
To & their customers I was going back and forth whether i should spend so much money, but then made the plunge and so glad I did my partner and I have used it soooo much. The nice man on telephone mr luke i think was his name was so very helpful and friendly. Much Love From Jay xxx

Reviewer: David King from England   4 Stars
item as described. didnt take long to assemble. this was a present for my girlfriend, she was a bit shocked when i introduced it to her! but she is mad about it now. well made and didnt break the bank. thanks for the cnc bit you kindly included for free!

Reviewer: D Evans from Poole   5 Stars
I was aware of the willy wanker sex machine from a sex club that i belong to. when my machine arrived i was very impressed at how slow this machine starts as some machines can be a bit harsh for the uninitiated! the machine is steady and great for anal sex. really happy with this machine and would definitely recommend to others. good customer service.

Reviewer: biG baLLz from carlisle   4 Stars
all i can say is eight inches of stroking length!! all i could ever hope for. i havent heard of a machine that can beat that! really happy with my machine wish id gone for the pink one! could i swap?

Reviewer: aaron from Shilton   5 Stars
i cannot fault this machine. the price was on point and it arrived in a plain box just when they said it would. i was even sent tracking information. thanks for the free dildo by the way. dont want to be to graphic but lets just say it caters well for my needs! i must say this machine is really chunky and strong no doubt it will last for years if i look after it.

Reviewer: Michelle Thomas from Lille   4 Stars
Pour l'argent que j'ai payé pour cette machine j'ai été très heureux. Je l'utilise pour anal et comme un masturbateur mâle. Il ya beaucoup de putain de machines disponibles, mais c'est une nouvelle et je voulais l'essayer. La livraison a été rapide et je n'ai eu aucun problème. Les dildos sont arrivés mais je manquais mon vac-u-poudre s'il vous plaît envoyez-le moi! J'attendrai votre prochaine vente

Reviewer: Marsha H Greene from Christchurch - Bournemouth   5 Stars
If it’s hard and fast penetration you want then get fucked by the Willie Wanka, it is really powerful and the speed dial will blow you to another zone. If you are after a horny fuck that can only be described as downright filthy then get buggered or pussy fucked by the incredible Willie Wanka fantasy Machine – awesome and 100% satisfied! Can you believe it, my hubby gave me this for my Christmas present, I wasn’t sure if he was buying it for me to use or for him to see me using it, or knowing him a quick anal probing for himself when I’m out. It really has lifted our sex life, I can get a fuck like no other and he can either watch me juicing everywhere or let me blow him off while I get banged. The machine is neon coloured and looks really nice, also it is very solid and I feel safe and confident using it. A truly cumstatic present! I went for the basic model of the Willie Wanka to save a few quid, it is fantastic value but I wish I’d bought the pro. The pro’s motor is far superior and I’m going to have chat with the guys at to see if they’d do me a special deal on a pro, considering my outlay so far I’m sure they’ll be kind. Everything I’ve bought from them before has been great too, so I know they are a top company.

Reviewer: Adelbert Hans Vanouten from Die Tageszeitung -- Deutschland   5 Stars
Es ist beste fucking Maschine in der Welt. Nettes schnelles Verschiffen zu mir in Berlin. Adelbert Hans Vanouten