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uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet
uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine | Sex Machines UK | 100% Discreet

uFUC PRO v.2 Sex machine

The uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine is a premium high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine at an affordable price. The uFUC PRO v.2 design is based on the top rated Blue Balls XL 2.0 sex machine, under license from Diva.
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RRP: £599.00
Our Price: £190.00

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The uFUC PRO v.2 Fucking Machine has excellent torque and thrust power, making it ideal for anal sex as well as being powerful enough to attach large dildos and attachments without wearing down the motor or components. Just hink of a position and the uFUC PRO v.2 will accommodate up to 180 degrees, secured using solid stainless steel securing handles which keep the machine in the exact position required.

The stability of the uFUC PRO v.2 is superb - due to the design and the weight it will not flip around even at full speed. The uFUC PRO v.2 can also be easily stored away in a closet by simply disassembling the two upright masts so the unit can be laid almost completely flat.

You can also turn your uFUC PRO v.2 into a male masturbation machine by adding an optional Fleshlight Holder and Fleshlight.


•  Joanne's Review  - the uFUC PRO v.2 has been independently reviewed and tested by Joanne's Reviews. Please
click here to read the review.


uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine Video 1
uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine Video 2 

Differences between the uFUC v.2 and the uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machines:-

• The uFUC PRO v.2 has a greater torque.
• The uFUC PRO v.2 has a slightly faster stroke speed.
• The uFUC PRO v.2 is quieter on full speed.


• 1 year UK & Worldwide warranty
• 72 watt 24V industrial motor
• Stroke length can be adjusted using a spanner (from 1" to 6")
• Stroke speed: 0-240 rpm (infinite settings)
• Torque:  40-in-lbs
• Horse-power: 1/9th
• 16" Shaft rod (can be extended using optional 7" or 14" extension rod)
• Power pack can disconnect & be stored separately
• Speed controller can disconnect & be stored separately
• Height 24", Length 27", Width 16"
• Weight: 15.3kg net, 16.7kg gross
• 180 degree angle adjustability
• High grade MIG welded tensile steel structure
• Power: 220-240V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• Power: 100-110V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• UK power cord & plug (international orders will receive suitable plug)
• Colour:  Gloss Black
• CE certified - ROHS compliant - Designed in UK - Made in China


• uFUC PRO v.2 Sex Machine
• Power pack and power lead
• Speed controller with new and improved super slow start
• 2 x Industrial solid stainless steel securing handles
• Deluxe Vac-U-Lock dildo adaptor
• Bottle of lubrication machine oil
• Instruction Booklet

Recommended Optional Extras:-

Fleshlight Holder v2 (CNC Bit required)
7" Extension Shaft Rod
14" Extension Shaft Rod
Gripit Hands Free Wand Holder  (CNC Bit required)
Vac-U-Lock Dildo Doubler (CNC Bit required)
Universal Dildo Holder (CNC Bit required)
Suction Cup Dildo Holder (CNC Bit required)
(8M/16M) CNC Bit


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jennie from oxford   5 Stars

Reviewer: malwina from Dover   5 Stars
Good quality build, no flimsy, fast delivery, good price, no problems.

Reviewer: Anna from southampton   5 Stars
A bit heavy for me to move about easily but that means its really good quality and wont break like some of the cheap nasty ones do, this machine has so much power and thrust another reason its good that its heavy as it doesn't jump about all over the place.

Reviewer: from    5 Stars
We have never owned a machine before, but when we saw the prices on here we had to risk it. Thank god we did because it is amazing. I am never disappointed when i use it and love how controllable it is. It can be used in loads of positions and angles and I love trying new ones out!

Reviewer: Lou-anne from UK   4 Stars
eye wateringly good! a bit addicted to my ufuc machine. a bit heavy for me but it goes and goes and goes. happy to be single as long as i got my sex machine to keep me company!!!

Reviewer: tim from essex   4 Stars
the only thing i didnt love was that it started at a speed that was a bit too quick for me. once warmed up it was great. but maybe its me i like it real slow at first. on top whack it was bloody good though hence the rating. i will get a fleshlight holder and fleshjack at the end of the month when i get paid. if i buy a dong do i get a free lube as i i didnt?

Reviewer: bear from norwich   4 Stars
I would have given this 5 but one of the adjustment handles snapped clean off on the second time of using it! Hoping to get a replacement part soon. Apart from that great piece of kit and very versatile!

Reviewer: Jack Oliver from Norwich   5 Stars
This machine has a fantastic thrusting action that is unparreled. If you are into machines and need satisfaction, this ticks all the boxes. Those insatiable appetites one has for a damn good session can surely be quenched by this relentless drumming of up to 240bpm. Make you sure you are up for a damn good rooting if you purchase this machine, and warm up first.

Reviewer: ************** from **************   4 Stars
We give this a 4 out of 5

Reviewer: s lewis from cambridgeshire. uk   5 Stars
f - u - c - k me this is a great sex machine. had one years ago called the plow & it was rubbisg compared to this ufuc pro. ps: great help on the phone as I hadn't a clue what to buy. steve

Reviewer: Miss K.L Jethwa from Sudbury Hill / Wembley / Middlesex   2 Stars
Very good price. Very good speed. Very good power. Box had been opened I think Parcelforce :( :( My order number is 2300156/41268/10 please call me very embarrassed indeed to say the least.

Reviewer: Charles Moorcroft from Leeds / UK   5 Stars
dearest sexmachines - had to write a quick thank you - the ufuk is great and my wife loves - just a BIG thank you.

Reviewer: BIGBOOBS_1976@************ from CHIGWELL, UK.   5 Stars
10 OUT 10 ........OMG I LOVE IT, THANKS.

Reviewer: Miss L. Crane from WC1 / London / UK   4 Stars
My husband and myself were very pleased with quick delivery and the machine is excellent. I would point out though that the prong things do not drop down so maybe worth considering for storing. Luv Lisa x

Reviewer: **************** from ***************   5 Stars