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Spanking Machine v.2
Spanking Machine v.2 Spanking Machine v.2 Spanking Machine v.2 Spanking Machine v.2

Spanking Machine v.2

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Spanking Machine v.2 (new & improved v.2 model)

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Make your fantasies come true with the latest low cost Spanking Machine ever made !

The domestic discipline machine for your erotic games.

A discreet machine, that you can mount onto most surfaces, just fix your favourite implement such as a wooden spoon, hairbrush're then good to go !

Have you ever had the fantasy of being spanked well now you can be in your own home without hiring a dominatrix to do so.

The Spanking Machine can offer gentle strokes or can give your awaiting arse the beating it's craving, you choose the intensity and speed of the whippings.

Small, discreet and powerful, it can be easily stored awat discreetly and locked away in a drawer.

It allows coupling domestic, or commercial implements, that you desire.


What domestic implements are recommended?

It´s very easy to couple rules, spoons, paddles, small leather or plastic canes.
For using belts we should cut a piece of 40-50 cm, and make a wooden or plastic rigid guide along the belt. This rigid guide is what will be inserted on the coupler.

Is it possible to use commercial paddles-canes?

Yes, but you have to notice that the weight should not exceed 100 grams.
If it´s too wide or thick for the coupler, you could use duct tape to secure it.

How strong the machine spanks?

Despite being small, the size of a can of tennis balls or a dust spray cleaner, you will be surprised the strength of the Spanking Machine at full power.
Anyway you have to understand it cannot move too heavy materials. The recommended maximum weight is about 100 grams.
The force of the spanking stroke will depend on the type of material used. You should start by putting the selector position in minimum intensity and work up...
To recall, the wood tends to sting and no doubt in positions close to MAX, will leave marks if you give it enough time....

Remote control.

The most recommended way to use the machine is to plug the transformer into a power strip with power switch button.Thus leaving the ON / OFF of the machine on and once you have selected the minutes of operation,
only need to press the switch from the power strip to turn on/off the machine, taking the strip button on your hand and using it as a remote control.

The implement does not fit into the coupler.

The machine has a coupler for inserting and attaching the instrument to use. It may happen that we want to use something that does not fit because it is too wide or thick.
The solution is quite easy, in these cases we can fix the implement to coupling for example with American tape.

The Power selector sometimes gets blocked

If stopping  the device, the coupler-beater is not in start position proceed to restart it by pressing the power selector control knob downwards and turning it toward  the minimum position.

The Clamp system slips-turns when using Max power.

It´s recomended to use Anti Slip Mat, Carpet Rug Underlayer, for some surfaces, when the clamp system slips


How do I get different variation angles with the extensor arm?
It´s easy to vary the angle of impact by the extender arm octagonal holes.

What precautions should I take using the machine?

You should keep away your fingers and other body parts from the beater.
Like all electrical appliances, improper use or lack of caution can always cause injury - so use with care.
Once the machine is fixed with the fastening system to a surface, start setting the control power near the minimum position and this way, experiment till you get experienced with how the machine operates.

Some ideas for Implements:

Commercial; Paddles-whips-canes. Domestic hairbrushes, wooden spoons, little canes, rules,  all small kind  of paddles, belts..., and the most important... your imagination.
Depending on the implement´s weight and hardness the impact of the stroke will also change for more or less stinging.
Recommended maximum weight load 100  grams.


1x Spanking Machine
1x Instructions
1x Power supply unit
• 110V - 240V (all countries)
• Output: 12V
• 10 strike intensity positions, soft-medium-hard.
• Very easy to use and mount.
• Timer (0-5 minutes)
• Different angles of impact
• Adjustable coupler for implements.
• No batteries required
• Power Adaptor
• Stainless steel fastening system to any surface included.
• 1 Year UK & Worldwide warranty
• CE certified
• ROHS compliant
• Made in China

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: sam from birmingham   3 Stars
ordered this after a few drinks one night while watching 50 shades of grey, good fun and adds some spice to the bedroom but if you are into more 'extreme' spanking i don't think this machine would be 'man enough' for the job.

Reviewer: thomas hill from **************   3 Stars
Not as hardcore as I would have liked but ok for any beginners out there wanting to try it. Having said that it is much cheaper than my dominatrix and works well enough when I just want a little discipline.

Reviewer: Mr & Mrs George from Wembley - Middlesex   5 Stars
Got this as a surprise for my wife... she was very surprised lol! I love watching her get spanked by it and we have tried lots of different kitchen implements.

Reviewer: Felicity Reynolds from Truo, Cornwall, United Kingdom   5 Stars
Great machine! I purchased it as i’ve never been spanked before and wanted to try it out, it’s my new favourite toy!!