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Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide™
Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide™ Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide™ Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide™

Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide™

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RRP: £149.99
Our Price: £130.00

Pipedream® Fetish Fantasy Glide

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NB: This is hand operated manually there is not a motor within the stick.  Taking the excitement of masturbation and intercourse to a whole new level, the Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick is a revolutionary system that lets you have imaginative and mind-blowing sex either by yourself or with a partner.

Setup and use is simple and, once assembled, you can use the Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick in various creative and arousing ways. You can place it against a wall, a door or on any flat surface and the pogo spring action will keep the dildo thrusting in and out of your vagina or anus.

You can also option to have a partner manipulate the Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick for you while you can engage in other sexual activities.

Glide into ecstasy with the most incredible self-powered fuck machine ever created! With the amazing Fantasy Glide™, there's no need for messy electrical cords, expensive batteries, or complicated machinery to get the job done. The Fantasy Glide™ simply works off of your own energy—with each stroke of the Fantasy Glide™ spring, the pogo-style pleasure rod reaches spots you never knew existed! Focus on those targeted spots with ease and get direct stimulation where you want it most!

You don't have to be an expert to enjoy satisfying sex like one! The Fantasy Glide™ allows beginners to enjoy difficult positions usually reserved for the athletically gifted and sexually advanced. With a few uses of your Fantasy Glide™, you'll be able to master the moves just like a pro!

Try new positions you never thought were possible and do it all with greater ease. The Fantasy Glide™ is perfect for seductive solo play and even better when a partner is involved. The Fantasy Glide™ won't damage your favourite furniture either, thanks to the rubber stopper on the base of the pleasure-pole that won't scuff your headboards, floors, doors or walls. With almost no effort, the Fantasy Glide™ slides up and down, creating a lifelike rhythm and movement that you can fully adjust to your liking.

Get just the right amount of penetration at just the right rhythm with little or no effort on your part. Just grab the Fantasy Handle, place the rubber stopper on the floor, wall, or headboard, and let the special torsion spring inside the pole do all the work. You can enjoy missionary, doggie-style, standing, sitting, kneeling, or from behind, all with or without a partner! Explore your deepest fantasies, experiment with new angles and heights, and choose between two interchangeable dildo attachments to fill you with pleasure.

The TPR dildos are phthalate-free, body-safe, and sculpted to excite. They both screw on to the cradle arm with a small bolt and the two dildos are interchangeable The thin, tapered plug is perfect for anal play, while the smooth dong can be used for both vaginal and anal adventures.

Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick works with all Vac-U-Lock® dildos (see our range of Vac-U-Lock® dildos) .

Just apply some lube to your favourite Vac-U-Lock® dildo and set it onto the base. The handles are contoured to fit any style grip (single or double handed) to allow for maximum usage.
When you're ready to make masturbation more enjoyable, stimulating and exciting, pleasure yourself with the Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick which does Include 2 dildos.


Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick includes 2 dildos for immediate use
Smooth Dildo measures approx. 6.75 inch length, 1.73 inch max diameter & Tapered Dildo measures approx. 6.5 inch length, 1.56 inch max diameter
Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick comes nearly assembled with clear assembly instructions.
Dual handles allow for a variety of ways of grip and manipulation. One handle is adjustable for right grip and height.
The included manual offers a variety of solo and group positions available.
Works with Vac-U-Lock® dildos. Use appropriate lube for easy mount of dildo. 2 dildos are included for immediate use.

Easy spring action gives the Fantasy Glide™ Pogo Stick a satisfying sexual bounce.
The dildo cradle is adjustable to your distance needs.
Note:No batteries or electrical outlet is required to get this product in use.

1 Year UK & Worldwide warranty

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Reviewer: Nina_P from chichester   3 Stars

Reviewer: Gavin Patel from parkstone (poole, dorest)   5 Stars
I was a bit sceptic about buying the Fetish Fantasy Glide, but the price was right and I thought it worth a go. Wow, I needn’t have worried, it is just incredible how good a sex machine it is, I have 100% control and it feels like a man is entering me. Every woman should get one of these, you really don’t know what you are missing.

Reviewer: amanda giles from Ryde - ISLE OF WIGHT   4 Stars
My boyfriend has just got a job on the oil rigs and he’s away from home for six weeks at a time. He knows I’ve got a high sex drive and six weeks without cock is impossible for me. I think he’s really worried that I’ll go looking for some action while he’s working away but I love him too much for that. The other night after a great fuck we talked about how I was going to manage without his big cock at hand. I told him I would take his picture to bed and finger myself off or even use a banana or cucumber on myself, he joked it would have to be a cucumber to remind me of him. He said that I needed something really special and had an idea which he wanted to share with me. Oh my God, he said he was going to buy me a fucking machine, he had seen one on your web site. When he showed me the picture and then the video of this monster machine with a huge cock on the end I nearly passed out. No way, I told him......but then looking through your fantastic site we saw the Fetish Fantasy Glide and it seemed just the thing that would satisfy me. Anyway, he’s now away and I’ve been using the Fetish Fantasy Glide every day. I’ve tried loads of different positions and plenty of new ones I can’t wait to try out with him when he gets back. It is just the ideal tool for me, using it feels just like the real thing and I’m having great orgasms.

Reviewer: Tina Greaves from London. NW11 9SY   5 Stars
Just a quick note to thank you for your amazing service. The Fetish Fantasy Glide arrived the next day – how do you do that? I’ve tried it out a few times on my own, it is so versatile and has taught me some positions that I thought were impossible; I’ve had the best wanking orgasms of my life. Going to pluck up courage and tell the old man about it, I’m hoping he’ll work me off with it.