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OXBALLS® Silicone Dongs

Anal and/or vaginal injuries can be caused by using large dildos - please use these toys responsibly - use at own risk.
Treat yourself to an Ox Balls Silicone Dong. These body-safe dildos are just amazing, and that is why we carry so many of them. Ox Balls Dildos are legendary, and they have their own cult following.

With the kinkiest designs catering for everyone from beginners to real size queens, there is a dildo here to please and even challenge any waiting orifice.

Made out of 100% body safe platinum cure silicone they are phthalate and latex free as well as being non-porous, and this makes them easy to clean, you can even drop them in a dishwasher on a sterilise cycle.

With their signature black, red, brown and blood colour schemes, they look fantastic. But looks aren't everything, these dildos fill, and pleasure like no others and they also cater for some very kinky minds too.

Want to try the ultimate challenge? Try the Ox Balls Siamese for some eye wateringly filling fun and games. Lube is a must, and some of our dildos even come with a free tub of Boy Butter as we thought you could do with some help lubing up for when you ride the Ox.

But it isn't all about extreme penetration some of the Ox Balls range are modestly sized, and these are perfect for anyone wanting some delightful masturbatory "me time".

If you want to get an Ox Balls though get something that will challenge you and give you that ultimate sense of satisfaction when you slide it home, marvelling at just how filling they are.

Check out these fantastic designs that feature everything from pretty vanilla cocks to some very kinky extreme fantasies that you can fulfil with ease with an Ox Balls Silicone Dildo.