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Commando Sex Machine
Commando Sex Machine Commando Sex Machine Commando Sex Machine Commando Sex Machine

Commando Sex Machine

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RRP: £599.00
Our Price: £380.00



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We are the exclusive official worldwide distributor for the "Commando Sex Machine" manufactured & assembled by Diva®...the No.1 sex machine manufacturer since 1973.

Enjoy whisper quiet, super smooth operation as well as power, speed, adjustable 6.8" stroke length & angle adjustablity that many machines just cannot obtain.

Uses the popular Vac-U-Lock® system - allows you to attach any Vac-U-Lock® dildo of your choice within seconds.

Once you turn on your Commando fucking machine a gorgeous neon blue Commando logo illuminates, creating an ambience of sheer indulgence and passion.

Hand held corded deluxe speed controller allows user to select their desired speed.

The Commando Sex Machine has powerful thrust, torque level & angle adjustability of 360° !!

The stroke depth of the Commando is easily adjusted from 2.5" to 6.8" by sliding up or down the crank shaft located on the fly wheel.                      
SSS "Super Slow Start" functionality which starts at 0.7 thrusts per second to 4.0 thrusts per second, you can also select the new Diva® "Rat-a-Tat" mode which gives you thrusting action of short, rapid strokes, which at a mind blowing 5.0 thrusts per second is sure to make you orgasm.
It is a very unique fucking Machine in That it is compact and portable...simply remove thrusting arm with the quick release pressure clamp, disassemble mast & you will be able to pack away discreetly.

You can place it on the floor, by the side of your bed, your Sofa, Etc.  It can be used lying on your back, missionary, standing up, full-nelson position, or in a doggy-position.  Actually, the variety of positions is unlimited and determined by Your imagination or perhaps your partner’s imagination.                                                

The Commando comes complete with Divas® new 2017 industrial, powerful dense, copper-wound motor which is designed for whisper quiet operation.

This heat treated high tensile strength steel framed machine was designed to be extremely sturdy yet light in weight.  Only 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms).

Store away quickly and easily in most closets.

Some basic assembly required, takes 5 mins to set up.

NB: Dildo & Wizard adaptor not included and can be purchased separately.

**Why not turn this amazing penetration machine into a male masturbation machine?**
 **You can now purchase the Fleshlight® Holder & Fleshlight® at a bundle price use drop down menu at the top of the description**


• 1x Commando Sex Machine
• 1x Diva® Deluxe Vac-U-lock® adaptor
• 1x Power supply unit
• 1x UK power cord / plug  (international orders will receive a suitable power cord / plug)
• 1x Instructions
• Glossy retail presentation box

Optional Add Ons:

• 8" Extension Rod
• 16" Extension Rod
• Fleshlight® Holder & Fleshlight® Male Masturbator
• WIZARD adaptor
• Universal Dildo Holder
• Dildo Doubler Adaptor
• Vac-U-Lock® Dildos
• Deluxe suction cup dildo holder


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: jasmine from Brighton   5 Stars
i was really worried about have to put this machine together as im not very good at DIY, i shouldn't have worried, its super quick and easy and once its up the fun can begin! great customer service too as i had a few questions before ordering.

Reviewer: garry from plymouth   4 Stars
Love the logo that lights up, really makes this machine different, the super slow start is great too as lots of machines just fast before you're 'fully ready' this certainly give the whole experience rather than a quick hard fuck.

Reviewer: Chris from France   4 Stars
Bonjour à tous les clients qui vont acheter dans le futur une machine Desaix voilà j'avais quelques problèmes techniques sur le produit je n'étais pas satisfait et j'avais aussi un surcoût plus élevé que sur la facture moi explique le cas le pourquoi et le comment ensuite j'avais un problème technique en tout cas le service et bien derrière la clientèle pour résoudre le problème et en tout cas à la personne qui s'y trouve derrière cette adresse email je la remercie car franchement dit la personne qui s'y trouve derrière elle est vraiment attentif et qui fait son travail correctement il est là il fait sérieusement son travail et pour résoudre le problème je me tire mon chapeau et je lui conseille de rester tel qu'il est

Reviewer: Sandra from Germany   5 Stars
Wow, what can I say, As with others, I've been thinking for a long time whether I should really do it or not, because the price is not that low, but damn it, yes, I did it and I do not even bother for a second. The delivery to Germany went really fast, just great....... I love it .. I'm so in love with the Commando. Powerful, exhaustive and beautiful he is too. I've never had an orgasm so fast in my life. Thanks, thanks thanks !!!!!

Reviewer: D Hooker from Durham   5 Stars
received this machine as upgrade as the one i wanted was out of stock. it wasnt what i ordered but it was infact much better than i could have ever have hoped for. best thing about this machine is that it is smooth and quiet. good show :p

Reviewer: anthony d from tredington   5 Stars
got this for christmas and it is getting a lot of use. i use mine mainly with a fleshlight as a bit nervous about using it for anal penetration. but if i can find a small dildo i will be happier. do you stock anything really slim?

Reviewer: Kovačić from Slunj   5 Stars
ovo je dobro jebati stroj. Sviđa mi se ovaj stroj za mene i moju ženu. ne trebaju baterije, tako da može ići dug put. dobro učinio te volim

Reviewer: Petr Katz from Stretford   5 Stars
this is like the first machine i have ever bought so as you can imagine i was a little bit scared to order lol. anyway it came no problem and there was no embarrassment as you couldnt tell what was inside! i was worried it might take me ages to put it together but it was really simple even for me. so i got it all set up and put my dildo on and it was really nice. the machine logo lit up which was smart if im ever using it in the dark! the machine itself was lovely and quiet like i was told and goes REAL slow or REAL fast so all good there. very pleased with my purchase and just wanted to let others know how happy i am.

Reviewer: D Dubois from Vallon-en-Sully   5 Stars
C'est une belle machine j'aime le calme de la machine. Il me donne une grande expérience sexuelle et je suis heureux avec la façon dont j'ai été soigné par la compagnie. Je reviendrai à vous pour plus de jouets sexuels au printemps

Reviewer: xander helious from praha // czech rep.   5 Stars
It is this machine i by the commando sex machine and from who is in good best shop for the bying of all that is sexy machines and bits of good fun others to add to machine. It is happen me good sex cums and i like the hard in my hole when it goes slow and fast it is so warm and good for me that i make lots of messy on the floor.. i thank all my frends who work at http://www.sexmachines in Uk who sold me and shipping it to my home that is far away not in uk.

Reviewer: AHMED RAJWANI from WEMBLEY, MIDDX   4 Stars

Reviewer: kirstycreampies@**************** from northwood   5 Stars
Who’d ever imagine little me, on Monday morning I searched the web for a good fucking machine and in the afternoon I bought the Commando sex machine from, on Tuesday morning at 9am it arrived, I unpacked it, set it up in a few minutes, took my knickers down and had the best fucking of my entire life. It is really quiet when its pounding me which is handy when you live in a shared property and it is easy to fold up and store away from prying eyes – a gem, a fantastic find, I am so happy. I bought the commando before christmas and have really put it through its paces – must have used it about 10 times by now and every time has been a dream. It is so easy to set up, can do it in less than a minute now, what I like best it the almost unlimited positions it will fuck me in, my favourite is doggy but standing up is always a horny fuck too. Brilliant fucking machine, I highly recommend it and who have one of the best customer services I’ve ever come across.

Reviewer: Steven Knowles from Cheshire   5 Stars
This is a first time owning my own sex machine, and it's an extraordinary place to start! Construction is a simple affair; with only a handful of parts to screw together. I was concerned that the flip-clips designed to keep the actual thrusting assembly in place on the pole that attaches to the base, might of been flimsy. Fortunately the clips have adjustable nuts to control the tension on the clips, so everything will stay in place, whatever the angle. The machine is as advertised: a remarkably quiet piece of machinery for what it is. The most prominent noise, will be a high frequency whine from where the electrics plug into (audible on the demo video however, so working as intended). Mine has a slight bit of hum, from the motor, when the arm goes round on the wheel. I'm not sure if this is something the "dense copper wound motor" is supposed to cancel out, but it loses some of the bassy hum, as the speed increases. So I don't think it's a deal breaker at it's current level. I don't have anything to compare it to however. The machine doesn't make obnoxious clacking noises as it operates, but it should come as no surprise that there will still be some vibration, that will travel down into the floor. The base has rubber feet to mitigate this, and to help prevent slipping. The base is designed to be heavy, due to the thrusting arm assembly relying on a single pole for support, and it works well enough in most situations. As one could expect, in spite of the heavy base, it will buck at higher positions and/or speeds while in use, or at certain angles (particularly high up on the pole). Fortunately Diva seem to of known about this, and the wide, clutter-free base can be easily further weighed down with anything to hand, should the need arise. The vertical nature, and impressive range of angles and swivel on the pole, will make it appealing for anyone with limited play-space or storage capacity. It will happily sit in a wardrobe half-constructed & nearly ready to go, or under a bed if you decide to take the entire thing apart. Expensive, but strong, quiet and versatile. A must-buy.

Reviewer: **************** from ***************   5 Stars
Hi guys - just a quickie like I promised I would. Also please do not show my name or address etc. ta. A - M - A - Z - I - N - G complete golden tick for this bad boy :) When you getting that holder thing in for my dildos with suction pads at bottom??