Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon)
Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon) Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon) Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon) Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon)

Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine (neon)

Extended Warranty

RRP: £499.00
Our Price: £189.00
Willie Wanka Fantasy Machine (neon)


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Take your sexual fantasies to the next level with the long awaited Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine.

The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine is a premium, high quality penetration and/or male masturbation machine.

The PRO looks the same as it's little brother...but packs more of a punch.

Unlike many sex machines that are currently available the Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine has an exceptionally long 8" adjustable stroke length, hi-torque & thrust power, which is ideal for anal sex as well as being powerful enough to attach very large dildos and attachments without wearing down the motor & components.

Stability of the Willie Wanka™ PRO is superb - this is due to the design and weight of the legs which are solid steel, will not flip around even on full speed - like many fucking machines do.

Can be easily stored away in the closet simply disassemble the two legs and unit can almost store completely flat.

Turn your Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine into a male masturbation machine buy purchasing the optional Fleshlight® holder & Fleshlight®.

Differences between the Fantasy Machine & PRO Fantasy Machine:

• The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine has a higher price point.
• The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine has better stability due to solid steel legs.
• The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine has a greater torque.
• The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine has a slightly faster stroke speed.
• The Willie Wanka™ PRO Fantasy Machine is quieter on full speed.


• Willie Wanka™ Fantasy Machine
• Power pack & power lead
• Speed controller
• 2x T-Legs
• 1x Spanner
• 1x Alan key
• Deluxe Vac-U-Lock® adaptor
• Bottle of lubrication machine oil
• Instruction Booklet


• 1 year UK & Worldwide warranty
• 72 watt 24V industrial motor
• Stroke length can be adjusted using a spanner (1" to 8")
• Stroke speed: 0-200 rpm (infinte settings)
• Torque:  20 in-lbs
• Horse Power: 1/12th
• 16" Shaft rod (can be extended using optional extension rod(s)
• Power pack can disconnect & be stored separately
• Speed controller can disconnect & be stored separately
• Height 49cm, Length 75cm, Width 30cm
• Weight: 12.8kg net, 15.1kg gross
• 45 degree angle adjustability
• High grade MIG welded tensile steel structure
• Power: 220-240V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• Power: 100-110V 50-60 hz (suitable for country of destination)
• UK power cord & plug (international orders will receive suitable plug)
• Colour:  neon
• CE certified
• ROHS compliant
• Designed in UK
• Made in China

Optional Products:

• Fleshlight® *holder (*CNC bit required)
• Fleshlight® *holder & Fleshlight® (*CNC bit required)
• Vac-U-Lock® dildos
• Gripit Wand Massager Holder
• 7" Extension shaft rod
• 14" Extension shaft rod
• *Dildo doubler (*CNC bit required)
• *Universal dildo holder (*CNC bit required)
• *Deluxe suction cup dildo holder (*CNC bit required)




Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Lady Roberta from London   5 Stars
finally a pretty sex machine not just boring boring black! i fu%%ing love my willy wanker. at last a product that caters for a real woman who loves a sexy machine.

Reviewer: bianca loro from hopton (UK)   4 Stars
thanks for the customer support with my machine. i didnt know how to set it up as i couldnt find the instructions but sexmachines helped me over the phone and soon had it up and running. what a cute fucking machine who would have thought a machine could look so pretty and satisfy quite this much! when you have extension rods in stock please let me know!

Reviewer: Marcus ******** from Sprowston   4 Stars
i wanted a machine that i could use just for anal play. i am a gay single man who struggles to meet other men. i have tried speed dating and online dating and all the men i have met have been a nightmare. but that still leaves me sexually frustrated. anyway i saved up a bit and bought this funny looking machine as it looked so different to all the other boring ones on the market! the willie wanker machine packs a good punch and keeps me satisfied. i cannot complain bearing in mind how cheap it was. service before and after has been fine. shall keep an eye on your site for my next purchase!

Reviewer: M Gabbrielli from Tivoli   5 Stars
questa macchina era buona e veloce per arrivare. la scatola era semplice e non è stato imbarazzante! la macchina è veloce e potente. compro ancora da voi

Reviewer: miss t. leathes from kingslynn, norfolk, uk   5 Stars
ツ sooo happy with my willy wanka came next day at 11am ❤ luv u at sexmachines tracy follow me on twitter ***************